Volume Five, Issue 4

Restlessness of a Black Man

Sunday Saheed

slams me over countries
—my recess, not even in one.
every single day, they drop
like shooting stars
with no decent aim to the earth;
human’s lives, nothing else
—lives of people who look just like me!

go through my father’s backyard
you would see silence
from the death of my brothers
that backyard, we once played in
but now only full of coffins —sarcophagi
that bring reminiscences like shards of pages!

glints of hope —I see none
with what mouth would I confess
that I’m only black by color
& never by heart
would it be these jaws that clenched rotten teeth
everything I say
—stupid and fetid too?!

days might come, I never know
days of liberty
from my color’s servitude
my robe would be recognized as a cloth
& my cloak won’t dent me a terrorist!
days I won’t be dubbed by
—‘he’s a black!’
but instead
—‘he’s Sunday Saheed’

Sunday Saheed: “I have been published in various online literary magazines and journals including Open Leaf Press, Nigeria Review and Opinion Nigeria. I was the 1st runner-up for the maiden edition of the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors 2021 and also one of the 84 finalists for the Wole Soyinka International Cultural Exchange 2018.”

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