Volume Five, Issue 4

Abdulrosheed Fasasi


Your mother is calling you
Answer the desert,

Your father is calling you
Answer the sea, two lovers

Who choose different graves.

You heart also calls
Answer the war, the chaos, the ruin

A living carcass like voyage bird.

I am calling you
Answer the grief, the loss, the ashes;

A boy losing to a man called life.

A girl is calling you,
Answer the snake, the death, the eternity;

A girl raising from the tomb of womanhood.

Warning Note

I was a boy, with many question like my father, my mother said;
Move away far from the stream, there is always a ghost

Calling the kids, while at teen, mama said
River is a burden, it carves into your dreams

Lusts, it brings ruin closer to you
At an age you can never manage one.

By the time I become a grown man and talk of
How this land has failed us and how this country

Become a place with no home, mama says
Manage the bread, manage the oil, stop thinking of the sea

It was the curse I have been warning you of since
Childhood, the dune that consumed your father

Should not be the casket to lead you home.

Abdulrosheed Fasasi: “I am a Nigerian poet & a Veterinary Medical Student, whose first love is art making. My work has been appeared, or is forthcoming in: Watershed Journal, Iman Collectives, South Florida Poetry Journal, Gyroscope Review, Olongo Africa, Roanoke, Kissing Dynamite, The Night Heron Barks Review, Santa Ana River Review, Stand Magazine, Louisiana Literature, Obsidian: Literature and Art in the African Diaspora, Collateral Journal, Welter Journal, LEVITATE Magazine, and elsewhere.”

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