Volume Five, Issue 3

My Country Is Wayward

Yusuf BM

He marks his calendar on the sleeve of Paris
London dawn
was trampled under the feet of my country
He shall pocket sunrise in Germany.

Like an whore
My country yearn late night clubs
An old cargo-
twerking her national butts in
seduction of chiefs with potbellies of crimes
And slayed patriotic souls whose heads are leather balls
from the years of their high libido guests.

Are we not done
At this dawn?
Alas our country is wayward.

Yusuf BM: “I am a writer, poet, graphic designer, passionate photographer, motivational speaker and prolific blogger. I am currently the Administrative secretary of Hill – Top Creative Arts foundation, member of the SEVHAGE Publishers, Raising New Voices, Nigerian Writers Forum, as well as the CEO of Mammoth Spectrum Media.”

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