Volume Five, Issue 3

Tom Sharp

Sanctuaries of Eternal Lights

The entire practice and service
of a Sanctuary of Eternal Lights
is in the lighting of candles.

According to lay member Alex Brite
of the Westminster Sanctuary,

     “Perfection of worship
     is achieved when heart,
     body, and mind
     are united in the worship.
     For this reason,
     we simplify, simplify,
     simplify. We simplify
     until there is no point
     in ill feeling,
     in deviation of action,
     or in deviant thinking.
     Even a child can do it.”

Each congregant of the Sanctuary
places a long-burning beeswax candle
at the altar, lights it, and is responsible
for replacing it when it burns out.

All current Sanctuaries of Eternal Lights
are constructed of stone
and need no other source of heating.

São Doné Zims

“Our faith is as ancient
as our people. As long
as the Zimchatski
have had mothers,
we have believed
in the power of Zims.”

Here, a typical home
of bamboo and thatch
is cluttered with figurines
crudely fashioned
from bamboo and dressed
in woven grass skirts.

We talked with Smitty Mack.
“Don’t be put off
by the simplicity
of the carving,” said Smitty.
“These are made by hand
by believers in the Zim,
not by factories or artists.
Each one has its own
character and its own story.
When we get the story,
then we carve the Zim.”

Center for Creative Science

The marriage of religion and science
gives practical proof that human beings
have an unlimited potential to achieve
peace, plenty, health, and harmony.

If you feel limited, if you lack energy,
if you need hope, we can teach you
how to reconnect your everyday life
with universal intelligence and love.

We train you to control your physical
desires and discipline your natural
mental abilities to unlock, step
by step, the power that is normally
associated with God and the angels,
which is all about and near at hand.

If you accept all that, we have a bridge
to sell you. Ha ha. Only metaphorically.
Believe me, when your training is complete,
you’ll be able to prove this isn’t a cult
and’ll be begging us to take your money.

Tom Sharp: “I am a Native American of Aleut heritage, a member of Seldovia Village Tribe. I am the author of numerous books, including Spectacles: A Sampler of Poems and Prose, Taurean Horn Press, and First Nations, SharpGiving Press.”

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