Volume Five, Issue 3

Mirror Mirror

Lauren Lee

You must believe the story on my behalf,
She has fooled your eyes with her snowy aura,
- a blizzard that has taken avenge.

Her skin is like pearl dust,
But shed the crest and you are left with utter filth-
Nothing but bones and a bleeding heart.

Those poor dwarfs slathered in soot,
Fixing flower petals for the sake of her beauty,
Only to get a crooked smile in response.

You didn’t hear the full sentence:
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?
Snow white of course - but beware of your naked eye.

For she wears her perfume but does not bear its allure,
Surely her soul cripples in play,
Why shouldn’t I have given the apple?

Lauren Lee: “I am a Junior attending Yongsan International High School in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently building my creative writing portfolio in preparation for enrollment in a university. My other hobbies include volleyball and baking.”

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