Volume Five, Issue 3

Stuffed Dog

Kay Lee

this is an ode
to the stuffed dog
that lies
gathering a fine coat
of dust atop its fur
within the
dark confines
of my closet.

atop a comfortable
dog bed made
of monopoly boxes
and uno cards,
it has made its home
on the top shelf.

stitches wound
in uneven lines,
pulling together
a long tear
in the seams of
its nose
from the time
when i was eight,
and accidentally
ripped it open-
the cotton white stuffing
spilling out on the floor;
a sight quite like
that of one
upon an airplane
above the thinnest layer
of cloud.

this is an ode
to the stuffed dog
that was always
the bravest knight
rescuing sir otter
in my playtimes,
with its head round
as a potato,
eyes so black
that all that could be seen
was my own
chubby visage
reflected back at me.

dropped in the dirt
countless times,
so much so
that its coarse
white fur
is dotted with
specks of soil-
like black stars-
perhaps he is now fit
to be a dalmatian

instead of the
dog with fur
as white as
fresh snow upon
the lawn in winter,
with a large, round
un-ripped nose
and droopy eyes;

the dog i first met
when i was but the
young age
of two
and now lives
in the comfortable space
of my closet.

Kay Lee: “I am a ninth-grader attending Korea International School in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently putting together my writing portfolio and was recently accepted into Juniper's Young Writers Program.”

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