Volume Five, Issue 3

How I Became A Father

John Chinaka Onyeche (Rememberajc)

This was how I became a father,
At the first cockcrow
Mother would tap me
Wake up, wake up
This is the time real men wakes
They wake up to prepare
For the things, their wife would use

With the heavy shut eyes
I doze off again into a daydream
Where men are treated like gems
Precious in the hands of its holder
And not to be tapped at cockcrows

& 4 was the first tap
& 5 was the second tapping
Wake up to prepare for your siblings
What they will eat today after school
You are the first child, you live by example
Don't be too late and lazy to wake up

6 & 6:30 became a hard flog
& a knock, wake up as a man you are
Men wake up on time to prepare
Provide the things used by their wife,
Take up with you your knife and run,
Quickly to the farm and fetch firewood
This is how real men do early in the morning
Before the Sunsets, they are already back

7 & 8, we are already nursing siblings
The ones left in our hands by life
Circumstances of life hit us hard at noon
& we became a father in brother's shades
For life has thought we learned well
As at our early days to become fathers
This was how I became a father

John Chinaka Onyeche (Rememberajc): “I am an upcoming poet from Nigeria. I write from the city of Port Harcourt Rivers State. I am an undergraduate student at Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria, where I am undergoing studies for my first degree in History and Diplomatic Studies. My writings are more on a historical perspective of the ordeal of Africans in the hands of their slave masters, life from the other way around it, and my works have appeared in many journals/magazines online within and outside Nigeria.

“You can find my work on the following websites; Spillwords, Melbourne culture corner, Nnoko, TunaFishjournal, Moreporkpress, Nymphspublications, Ethelzine, Youthmagazine, Acumen, Zindaily, pawnerspaper and conceit magazine, Mosi oa Tunya Literary Review.

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