Volume Five, Issue 3

She liked to fit people into the world like puzzle pieces.

Grace Song

There once was a she who liked to fit people into the world like puzzle pieces. The world she believed in didn’t have many people. The world, in fact, was quite frankly a lonely place. For she at least. She had a mom with ears made of cotton. A dad with a face made of blocks. She even had a few friends. Friends who always had a few markers handy. One could be confused. What an interesting world! One could even think the world, after all, isn’t so lonely. But one is incorrect. Mom never listened, dad was never predictable. Friends were never true. But one morning, the light just streamed in perfectly through the window and she saw for the first time: mom’s large eyes, dad’s bent back. And faintly, the distance whispered into the wind, to tell she that the world is bigger than she thinks. So who is she? She is you.

Grace Song: “I am an eleventh grader attending Seoul International School in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently working on my writing portfolio for summer writing camp. My other activities include eating with friends, listening to music, and watching horror movies.”

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