Volume Five, Issue 2

Product of Privilege

Sarkis Tricha

Just sixteen years old and
Already a corporation wants my race
Bubbled in on this sheet so
I can make more bubbles for

A small asterisk
Denotes North Africans as included
In White
How generous
I’ll let my family know
They were White all along

It seems to tell everyone else
So I look to my skin for answers
Just as school, media and the street
Taught us to

But it’s brown
And a bit darker
Than anyone else in my family
My nose is large(ly Armenian)
Just below, my beard
Is speckled with rusty copper
Of a Berber
Like Lalla Salma
Luckily my eyes are not
Blue like my cousins’
Else no one would know what to do with me

They say race is
No wonder:
Its very existence is a form of

“Objective measure”
The truest oxymoron
Of modernity:

While my black neighbors
Are thrown in prisons
To fill demographic prophecies
My only concern is miss-bubbling
My race

Sarkis Tricha: “I am an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California, studying Cognitive Science, where I investigate the possibilities and implications of Artificial Intelligence. I am deeply interested in questions of Philosophy and Art, particularly the power and responsibility of creators within their society.”

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