Volume Five, Issue 2


Melekwe Anthony

Fear, scepter of savage prime
Face to face with hearty intents,
The dagger of betrayal and the sting of conspiracy.
Without claw, door or prick, defenseless.
Alas, it is no stranger to cornered survivors.
The drumming of heart beats with streams
Down your back. The shiver of suspense and
The cruelty in waiting. “It is finished”…
… When walls know your hind and grounds shake
No longer. When the pleasantness of cowardice hoods
No more. You must confront penalty.
Fate is rigged.

Melekwe Anthony: “I am a poet and journalist. My work has been published on Adelaide Literary Magazine, Pride Magazine, The Yard, Multiplicity Magazine and Fleas On The Dog among others. I was former Associate Editor for The Warriors Bulletin and novel author of The Unwanted Guest. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria.”

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