Volume Five, Issue 2


Ja’ Licia Gainer

Being in bed about to fall asleep,
my father would come to my bedside, kneeling down.
Putting up his two hands,
he formed them together and leaned his head down.
Sometimes I heard muffled words,
other times it was silent.
I never asked him why he did this.

My father was asking and begging for something larger than existence itself to protect me, hoping that his child doesn't make the same mistakes he once did.
His predecessor is the icon on a pedestal, having to decide her own fate.
But it’s not judgment day, as I have to decide whether to be a juror or a defendant in this case called life.
Generational sin will come in effect soon as I’ll be pleading my stance right beside him.

Ja’ Licia Gainer: “I am a 19 year old African American writer based in Columbia, Missouri. My focus is to create a visual through my writing that’ll move a reader’s emotions and show the most innermost parts of my life.”

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