Volume Five, Issue 2

Isabella Cruz


Cyprus tree branches buckle
Beneath your heavy climbing shoes,
Carelessly placed, distressing the herons nearby,
With their creaks and snapping.
Inside those herons are multitudes of parasitic life forms,
And all your attention is for your sweatstained pages;
This afternoon’s straining easily embarrassed by the herons
In their inviolable multitudes.
Against the toils and exertions of man,
The smallest of worms, this miracle, outperforms.

Abiotic Ecosystems

The water is shallow and empty, except for the myriad
Microscopic lifeforms, descendants of the niads
Held on this earth for so short a period
Behold the foremost wonders of those long-forgotten dryads
From the tops of trees to the dredges and lily-pads,
The pond, the forest; as miraculous to the ancient man as asteroids
And you - standing there, as wondrous the worlds you’ve destroyed

Isabella Cruz: “I am an educator, writer, and Floridian. I currently work as a tutor. My work has appeared in World Enough Writers, Wigleaf, and Barstow & Grand. I enjoy tea and people watching.”

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