Volume Five, Issue 2

my lover is a scripture

Edwin Olu Bestman

& this is how i find pleasure in things that mend
my lover's body into something holy.

i have taught myself of becoming
a lover to her like christ,
written the psalms of her body like david.

i hold my lover's body like a bible,
its sacred scripture lying on my tongue. this has made me holy too.

some memories are not easy to be forgotten,
like a gathering of our bodies in the wet sand.

i like how her skin breaks into mine like the crucifixion nails.

Edwin Olu Bestman alias "Magical Poet": “I am a young writer of eminent pedigree that writes from Monrovia, Liberia. I am a multi-award-winning poet who has won numerous awards. I’m a philanthropist and a civil engineer. I have co-authored several anthologies and the author of two books; Genesis and Raindrops.

“My work has been featured in: The Writer's Space African Magazine (Feb 1, 2019 edition), Namaste Ink Magazine, Ducor review, Spillwords, Odd Magazine, Eboquills, Literary Yard, Libpedia, PoetrySoup, Poetry Nation, WewriteLiberia, Ngiga Review, Nantygreens, Sipay Magazine, Orange Book Club, Rising Phoenix Review, AfroRep Journal, Madness Muse Press and elsewhere.”

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