Volume Five, Issue 2

Fast Car

Dion Peoples

Who wants a fast car
0 to 100 and I’m not driving a Nascar
But Dipping in and out of these lanes got me feeling like I got asthma
Let me pull over so you could take over the wheel cuz I’m feeling a lil wavy
I watch
You pull ya hat down
Slide ya seat back and tell me relax baby
You was waiting for this moment and you keep saying yo it’s crazy
As you go harder on the gas
Ya pushing the speed limit
You take ya eyes off the road
Knowing we got one life to live and now I got to live it
I can't lie she doing the damn thing
But she keep my heart racing when driving this mustang

Dion Peoples: “I started writing when I was in 4th grade. My older brother was good at writing and it inspired me. I love to write because it's different but a peaceful way I can express myself.”

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