Volume Five, Issue 2

Paternal Plea

Bret Breeze

touch not the heads of my children
o` dark specter of tragedy
for they are my heart
which will surely cease
lest their shining smiles remain evident
in a world i've grown to mistrust
with its murderers martyred by the media
and pedophiles protected by the pope

bring not fret upon this fathers brow
in the name of my children
for much sweat hath come from it
in the pursuit of a better world for them

mock not my efforts of providence
with random misadventure
for I will not sit kindly by
under the loom of discourse

Bret Breeze: “I am a 60 year old male of Tulalip descent grew up in southern California and have lived in the Las Vegas valley for nearly 25 years. Las Vegas Slam winner 1998. Poet of the year 1999. Former host of weekly poetry reading. Father of four and former touring musician now working in the nursing field.”

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