Volume Five, Issue 1


Carol Durant

This is my year for permanency
A whole year, error free
Tenure is an adventure that almost suffocated me
The students with their new ideologies
Weird pathologies and weary apologies for
Truncated and late work
Navigating the waters of colleagues and staff
Whom are separate like wheat and chaff
Seeking the insight and inside track of your laugh
Long walks, in depth talks and coffee klatch
Knowing that new vacation lies in the hands
Of decision making hacks
While I clap after another productive (tedious) meeting
Tenure is the land that I’m greeting

Carol Durant: “I am a poet, author, playwright and event host. I am the founder and host of Outliers Poetry Brunch, a monthly poetry brunch for the last three years. I am the founder and host of Stage & Stanza, an online bi-monthly theater and poetry collaborative with Russell Sage College. My first book, Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry is the 2018 Book Excellence Award winner in poetry. My play, Center of Lying Down was performed on Zoom by Quarantine e-Theater, as a wildly successful fundraiser for Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York.”

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