Volume Four, Issue 4

Birth: a death certificate

Olaitan Humble

& now we are laid on pyres garnered
from the vaults of the heavens
burning in the fire which
consumed our fathers
in the first place

& there are moments when a huge gala
transcends belly-timbers;
days when a pendulum bob
controls the peace in mother's boudoir

[she claims to love the sound of my heartbeat // the music
that emanates from it // whilst i fold humbly in her belly
from within the core of happiness // & sadness alike // the ups
& ugly moments]

                 & 18 came with an innocent face

& 19 came, still innocent but with a huge chain around its
neck, jangling to the rhythm
of my heart now soaked // in paranoia
             l...e...f...t, but with a hallmark on my wrist // a story untold
for many centuries abound                                       w hi  spe   ring

& 20 was a loud mouth calling for the wrath
of the progenitors who
hope the night folds us between
its gloomy hands // & thrust us to
our death

Semilore Kilaso: "I am a Nigerian poet and pacifist who likes to collect quotations and astrophotos. I won the People's Choice Award at EW Poetry Prize Awards 2020. I am Poetry Editor for The Lumiere Review and Invincible Quill Magazine. My work appears or is forthcoming in Luna Luna, CP Quarterly, Madness Muse Press, Wine Cellar Press, Giallo, AGNG Mag, CỌ́N-SCÌÒ, Periwinkle, Doubleback Review, The B'K, The African Writers Review, Ngiga Review, Cultural Weekly, Konya ShamsRumi, the Quills and The Wanderlust Literary Journal, among others. Twitter: @olaitanhumble."

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