Volume Four, Issue 4

Jonel Abellanosa

Lucid Dream

First flight of stairs.

I move
   in colors, know
      I’m dreaming, edges
         sharp as knives. I see
            my rubber shoes as I climb.
               Weightless lift a simile. I’ve been
                  climbing this staircase,

                  tying shoelaces
                  on the quarter landing.
                  Second flight of stairs.

                                    I smell rust,
                                 door upstairs a volta.
                              I hear living iambs,
                        pentameters of slippers
                     on plywood, porcelain
                  clinks, spoons and forks.
               My heart delights in glass.
   a waking goal


in the vista,
tunnel perspective

                                    in parallel lines
                                                        to my desire.
                                                        Sounds of
                                                        and water
Horizon for the nonlinear dream.

Versions of what I see
like starlings
                        in murmuration -
                        joy geometries
                        blue and audible.
                                                        Spiral to eye,

                        a split              personality
                        a particle        a wave
                        echo                sky

meeting land,

deep as my mind.
Abyss below gazing back at me,
my body heavy.
not my fault

*“Heave” is also a sideways displacement in a “fault” (geology).

Jonel Abellanosa: "I live in Cebu City, the Philippines. My poetry and fiction have appeared in hundreds of literary journals and anthologies, including Windhover, The Lyric, Star*Line, Poetry Kanto, Marsh Hawk Review, That Literary Review, Loch Raven Review and The Anglican Theological Review. My poetry collections include Meditations (Alien Buddha Press), Songs from My Mind’s Tree and Multiverse (Clare Songbirds Publishing House), 50 Acrostic Poems, (Cyberwit, India), In the Donald’s Time (Poetic Justice Books and Art), and my speculative poetry collection, Pan’s Saxophone (Weasel Press)."

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