Volume Four, Issue 3

Yeniza Fréa

What is certain

What Is Certain by Yeniza Fréa

Poor people

Incredible surrealists, finding love in the pit of fruits
mining salt from the wide planes of bronzed backs, and
under-breast curvatures; tenderize the toughest stakes
we weave siren lulabies, grill fresh caught lobster, relish
in that sourbittergarliclime: laughing like we have the right
laughing like we have to, right; laughing like we have, too.

Como los blancos

Hacer las cosas como los blancos
my mother used to say to say spending money
we did not have, not having that comeback
slip through the teeth,
the         teeth removed, like a house cat or a
or a lap dog, accessible but in a genuine way
but in a genuine way I knew then and know now
they are not accessible, they just
put on accessibility; and on accessibility:
don’t make       the mistake,
the mistake of thinking you can fake it. fake it and
los blancos say she asked for it,
Hell, she asked for a seat at the table, too but that, too,
fell on deaf ears, smothered     by accents
by accents they just love, so exotic,
I love diverse girls, me dijo un blanco
the first time, the first time I drank alone at a Chicago bar.

Mama, no te preocupes,
             no te preocupes yo me como los blancos.

Yeniza Fréa: "I am a recovering English Teacher in Miami. My words have appeared in various print magazines, but my debut collection of poetry Miel y Sal is forthcoming 2021. When I’m not writing, you'll find me under a palm tree."

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