Volume Four, Issue 3

Vidhya Anand

The Corners in Us

My work here is done.
The candle found its home in the nook.
Eucalyptus mint, with a sage undertone
to soothe the nerves. By it, the philodendron,
snug, flowing, like tidal waves. The dresser,
you see, is thorough, arranged—make-up brushes
in rows they must be. Study tables and divans in
position, unquestioning, ready.

This pandemic narrative calls for a well-loved room.
That’s all I seem to have left.
This space is now my body.
Break the peace, and you’ll break my limbs.
Move a table, and you’ll conceive a fracture.
The candles, my eyes, the plants, my soul,
The soft of pillows, my temperament.

You can walk in, share a cup of coffee,
sing a song, light a fire, leave holes in the
walls or crack my windows.
Do what you may,     but when
you’ve danced your dance,
take a bow, bid goodbyes to my corners
and close the doors as you leave.

Or, stay.

We must Unpack, then Leave


Because it’s time          even plants shed from time
to time bearing new fruit, new root                  ending
curses of routine, this needleless clockwork with no bones.
History I can promise didn’t know the weight
it was going to leave behind                  laptops, desks, eyes seeing
too much and minds too little.


I’ve felt too much today,
like a bag of grains filled endlessly
One more, two more, only a hundred more.
Yet, I can’t let these words spill
onto my paper, this wet little piece of paper
I guess that’s what happens
when you drench too much of
anything in anything.
Because, expect to never know
how much blue is too much blue or
how broken is too broken


“The next day,” said my grandmother,
“the next day, you must return, bid goodbyes to the west.”

Vidhya Anand: "I was the editor of Brew Lifestyle, a national publication in India and previously, writing for magazines JFW and Club Class with over forty published works. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Visual Communication specializing in Journalism and Script Writing from Loyola College, University of Madras. Moving to the US in late 2017, I am a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a Business degree and an independent study in Journalism. I continue as a contributing writer and poet at InFrame. I travel between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Chennai, India for work."

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