Volume Four, Issue 3

Slow Burn

Sema'Jay Hall

Who would’ve imagined LA could be the loneliest place for an LA kid. Standing there, I see the world, my world, burn at a slow and almost dismissible pace. Is it because it’s all burning down in those golden flames that once made this silver city creative and cultured? I’m not surprised though. This slow burns been coming since before ’96.

Sema’Jay Hall: "I am 24-year-old recent college graduate from San Francisco State University. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, loving everything about the city, culture, and creativity. I enjoy films, music, photography, dancing, bars, and more.

“About writing, I've loved it ever since I was a child. I would write stories, songs, and intensely look into scripts. Within the past two years, I've graduated from SFSU with a bachelor's in creative writing. I have self-published a book of poetry titled The Rose Garden. I've released two songs, written and produced by myself, and I was an intern for Study Breaks Magazine.”

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