Volume Four, Issue 3

Five to Ten
In Maximum Quarantine

Sally Delancy

What is that one odd habit you’ve picked up since the pandemic?
Mine? – I am always making a list.
Each day, my pen curves, flows
from end to end, like the lawn –
mower in the shed
that gnaws,
the length & breadth
of the yard,
I’ll add that
to my list of things
to do tomorrow.
So, I write.

I list the tell-tale signs of a virus I think I’ve caught,
because I coughed, lost
all sense of taste in my mouth – because
my skin seared to the touch, when my throat
snapped shut an hour ago,
as the death toll crossed one
too many.
So, I write.

I list the names of friends I’m meaning to call,
I write down the memory
to remember to do so,
before their obituaries
remind me I didn’t do so.

I should do so.


Sally Delancy: "I live in Trinidad. Officially called the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean. This twin-island country is known as the “Land of The Hummingbird” - It is also the birthplace of Steelpan and Calypso.

"I graduated from the University of the West Indies where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My passion lies in writing poetry and short stories and for accomplishing such, I draw my inspiration from the world around me."

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