Volume Four, Issue 3

Grace Song

Ugly Fun

The Mean isolated expense of the crowd,
everyone appears uglier.
Style their dispositions with fear.

The sadness she presents is.
Perception only deepens the darkness.

Wearing people is fun.
a lonely ugly fun
Carrying ugly fun everywhere.

Insensitive Pointing at the Strange,
addicted to the momentous intoxication.

The girl’s laughter makes her ugly shirt exposed,
discouraging and discouraged.

Everywhere to Never

Once gigantic and yet stable.
Topples down

Now breaking concrete
dispersing down.
Aviation crash

All plunging like worthless pieces
Like a great celebration.

A tower rebuilt
In a fantasy
Everywhere to never.

He Was Abusive

He smells like sweat and cigarettes
he looks much like a criminal
he smelled of kind parents
he has the frown
expression abusive
soft hair
tattoo on his neck
He looks mostly kind
standing and smoking
and the frown

Our Starry Night

For years I thought it was a steeple,
Its evil tentacles piercing through the starry night
But it’s breathing.
Behind the cypress tree and underneath the starry night
is a blue steeple equally as ductile?

The monsters and fairies in our dreams were really just little ants and flowers
Tragedy is no more than a teardrop
Determination was really just words
Variations of imaginations cross my mind like a dream.

Like dandelions blooming,
The stars glint in the night sky.
Like reflections on the surface of a lake,
the moon glints in the night sky
In our dreams, we were chased by monsters
then as we awoke the terror resided into tragedy.
Tragedy resided into apathy,
and we crossed imaginations in Starry Nights.

The Mona Lisa

A large crowd around a parody.
Indistinct waves of awe and disillusionment drown the atmosphere.
I swipe through the crowds,
fashionable girls model for their Instagram.

There is a potential for everything,
her truth may turn out to be a lie
Discipline was required to hide her aptitude
Strict arrangements were put in place.

Her hair gradually browned over time as camera flashes illuminated.
Double vanishing points play with perspectives.
Fair-skinned, she smiles at the battlefield.
They pay fees to admire her placid smile.

Grace Song: "I am a ninth-grader in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently working on my writing portfolio for summer writing camp. My other activities include eating with friends, listening to music, and watching horror movies."

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