Volume Four, Issue 3

Summer Suns

Enas Suleiman

As a child, I did not know
how to respond to racist behaviour
but when the whistle blew
I stretched my body forward,
pushed my foot down on the starting block
and won the freestyle race in one breath.
It is those gold medals
like suns to this undeserving 'abd
that had them muted
all summer, every summer.

‘Abd – a derogatory word in Arabic meaning slave.

Enas Suleiman: "Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, I am a poet from Sudan. I am the author of a collection of short poems called Tidal Waves and the co-founder of Nas With Notepads, a poetry community in Sudan. Some of my work has been featured on Woman Scream: International Poetry Anthology of Female Voices, The Blue Nib and Open Arts Forum."

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