Volume Three, Issue 4

two excerpts from mung

Woogee Bae

excerpt one

Some of this happens in bread and

flowers, a tunnel station in blood

and Bloor

Spared two dollars for cinnamon

emptied your [pocket], [you rummaged]

                          the bag

                                       or purse

             Our dribble and throat

Was it your love in place of

heat or syrup

on the lip

From where

a stomach grumbles

             spoke affection and hunger

Had you pinched then


             the pigeons      flown

to our balcony full of shit

and rice

Plate set

next to metal, griped

about weather

“Have you

“Have you

eaten you asked

                          which I mistook

                          for anger, but grief

Poke those ribs

the corpse         not mine

in your mouth already

Have you turned over from the pounding

that made your flesh

so tender

excerpt two

At the words that tighten these lips

Heavy air on our chests

The times you played music to sleep

I dreamt of porches

closed around Could (one) see

the metal from here Could only

set the table Again

Again your blue so thin

The bottles shook Your hands

prune What image

A family borrowed

stove and heat

Or ate our sorrow


I found in mutter

, A blunted cry

the quickness in which you

stood Brushed oil to your


Ground and spit the curd

to gently nest in spoon

“Have you

tried the salt

and grain

“Have you

slept and


Woogee Bae: "I am poet and editor whose work focuses on translingualism and waste. I received my MFA from the University of Washington Bothell, edit the ecopoetics journal Snail Trail, and curate the quarterly reading series Gamut. My writing can be found in P-QUEUE, Small Po[r]tions, Poetry Northwest (forthcoming), and elsewhere. I live in Seattle."

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