Volume Three, Issue 4

Summer Loving

Valentina Moreno

They are hazy days
lucidity is threatened by

smoke that curls around
and eyes
vision impaired by
artificial clouds

I forget

I settle for memories that come
in sporadic bouts
my thoughts lack chronology
but it was summer for sure.
Sepia-tone days
drenched in warmth

days of lip-biting, shirt-pulling,
sheet-clenching, face-contorting,
easy loving.

Whispers lingered in
Spaces between us--
refusing transience
insisting on particulate permanence.

days of active lethargy
of sheets for high-fashion
messy hair
perpetual dishevelment
we must have been a sight
sore eyes.

that's how I see us--
between holds:
in a car
speeding with the windows down
how cliché

landscapes made you pensive
wind made us
and music seemed to drown out
the sound
the time
that seemed limited

we were racing against the clock
you and I.

we tried not to think about it
getting spoons stuck in
Metal-bending frozen ice-cream
wiping away milk moustaches
and laughing at our former selves
embodied by brace-faced
awkward adolescent flirts

we watched the girls conglomerate
and the boys did too
in separate spheres
of course
the age-old battle of the sexes
heavy breathing, hormones,
and angsty makeup
threatened by nervous sweat.

I remember stolen kisses
at red lights
stolen touches at midnight
how incredibly cliché

Your eyes insisted on intensity
They pierced the matter
between us
Particles impregnated by our thoughts--
our whispers

your eyes refused the conformity of
eluding primary colours
existing in-between
in the presence of warm
summer light.

these are warm days
days I'll remember in inevitable
the haze that is the relentless
and indiscriminate passage of

Valentina Moreno: "Writing has always featured heavily in my life. I write to process, understand, and connect. My poetry is a reflection of my perceptions and the way I choose to see the world. The way I move across transnational spaces is explored in most of my poetry. When I was two months old, I made my first move, and ever since I have somewhat nomadically kept moving. Questions of identity and belonging are implicitly part of all my work. Sharing my writing has always been and will continue being a vulnerable process. I hope to connect to the equally vulnerable, to anyone who may relate to a line of my unrhymed, unstructured, personal poetry."

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