Volume Three, Issue 4

Decomposing W/My Baby

Tia Oriana

Lock me in your pocket
Take me to the grave
             //I wanna be yours when the moon implodes
             //I wanna be whole when the universe swallows its soul
This task I task you with is not easy, I know
             unless you’ve felt the cry of children digging their claws
             into melted flesh
                          which slips
             through brittle lips
             in obsidian goo
             their thin branches gracing the tip
cracked.in.pieces//our fluorescence burns in the nighttime sky
             a sliver of conception
I think you’ll understand
             //When my baby grabbed my hand with a rose colored glove
             //and sang about the diamonds above our celestial gaze
Our teardrops filled the void
guided our ancestors to the dashes creaking beneath the bend
             the scars that escape recollection
             will never heal
             //My task is yours
             //Your task is mine
If I show you how I know you
You won’t choke me in your sleep
             //You’ll lock me in your pocket as a forever keep

Tia Oriana: "I am an African American college student living in between Atlanta and New York City. In my spare time, I travel for work as a brand ambassador. Sometimes, when I'm not writing, you can find me modeling on the internet."

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