Volume Three, Issue 4

Kofi Antwi


I am conducting a silver bullet
instead of qualms over speed and size

I find beauty opposes
Coltrane’s affair with familiar

railroads, time flies right on by –
before you know
a body drops cold

and stifles the host of organic illusions,
bypass dreamville and or ghetto’s haven

the shower of pain continues
where the onslaught begins

when I trigger it’s igniter –
holy choruses sing Bloody Mary

it’s off springs gain traction
and grows louder with each tussle

my soul and spirit disappears
white shoes soak in a puddle of blood

until my pistol runs out of ammunition
and we are all – still

the gun ponder settles
and she recoils the kiss of death

Gray Space & Matter - an ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a
category or to an existing set of rules. some equate it’s shade through area or matter.
the only hue – consist of process/ congested thoughts. Malikah never tripped over
selected diction             or placement/ rather spoke peace, then chuck deuces/ a
conscious being – wedge between      tenements/ a forest overseeing the    concrete
jungle/ rather it be free will/ or a provoked nerve/    a stubborn frame        of mind/ a
universe relegated to fraudulent tales/ our communities are boxed in or pushed out/ as
illegitimate                  seeds birth into oblivion/ where limits are placed/     the mind
seeks food for thought              less?

the body resides

dormant, in the house
of morning
. a mirror’s

reflection, limited to shades;
a blaze of fire, what sparked

sight, strokes of liveliness. escapes
it’s surface. i am not – long

for the world, or galaxy
it’s reflection and purpose

we are the performance, the
affluent men, women, kin

idolized in sweat,
a disrupted frequency

Kofi Antwi: "I am a writer of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. A graduate from St. Joseph’s College MFA Creative Writing program, I teach English courses at St. Joseph’s College. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island by parents of Ghanaian descent. Agbowo, Writers Guild, Luna, and Kalahari Review have published my poetry."

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