Volume Three, Issue 4


David Estringel

We live for moments like this,
you and I,
cooled by the safe-silence
of deadened air--
a stillness so heavy
it falls,
crashing around our feet
with the tumult
of resting heartbeats.
I can think.
You can breathe.
We can just…be
for a moment,
But nothing lasts forever
in the eye.
Tears—like rain—must fall,
tattering cheeks
and lips,
eroding the ground
beneath us,
where we stand.
And that deadly call
within me—
like the wind—
must HOWL,
breaking the chain of calm
that threatens
to drown
in the deep
of my own waters.
can save us.
Not you.
Not me.
Not all the friends in the world.
I am lost
without the thunder.
Without the swell
and crashing of waves.
The murk
that lies
beneath the surface.
My quiet slips away
and I
driving you,
to warm shelter
from me
and my storms.
Just remember me, fondly,
dear friend…when it rains.

"Storms" was previously published by Cajun Mutt Press.

David Estringel: "I am a writer, poet, author, and 2019 "Best of the Net" nominee. I am Poetry Editor at Fishbowl Press and Fiction Editor at Red Fez. My work has been accepted and/or published at Terror House Magazine, 50 Haikus, Setu, The Elixir, Soft Cartel, Harbinger Asylum, Former People Journal, Cephalopress, Merak Magazine, Printed Words, Digging through the Fat, Haiku Journal, Foxhole Magazine, The Basil O’Flaherty, Three Line Poetry, Agony Opera, Alien Buddha Press, Synchronized Chaos, The @baffled Haiku Daily, The Blue Nib, Fishbowl Press, and Horror Sleaze Trash. My first feature-length collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints (Alien Buddha Press) was published April 2019."

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