Volume Three, Issue 4

Anna Gossett Johnson

NEO DADA The Mueller Report, 2019

referencing de
                          tailing the reports
deserves the atten
tion of
                                       evidence that the
sort documenting the findings
                                       into Russian efforts to inte

where Trump could
noting that he

Barr Declined
                                                    Mueller request
head of the
be unfair to accuse
Trump of
                                       “does not conclude that
such, the
                                       also does not
justice. The investigation
sitting president
                                       and preempt impeach

I Don’t Blame You, But

“And When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall,
                Then how should I begin
To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?”

                excerpt T.S. Eliot, Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Do you see me America?
I mean, really see me? Or do you just

see my brown skin, tawny as coffee
with cream. I could be anybody:

Muslim, Mexican, Egyptian, Greek,
Jewish, Indian, African American, or

Middle Eastern, but alas I am a Latina:
Mixed from Spain and Puerto Rico.

I’d rather you didn’t hate our skin of
Nations, our gem faceted armor.

Oh, the dreaded Replacement Theory
pressing factions with their AK’s

to rallies, to kill, in other countries
even, as some neo Sapiens crusade

tribal warfare chants a brotherhood
of White that I know you are not signed

up for, reeks as unjustly awkward. Yet
dwells as a Rattlesnake waiting to sting.

A Christian, I’ve once died as burnt flesh.
Nero’s ghost of ancient horrors echo.

Anna Gossett Johnson: "I am first generation American, born of Hispanic parents: Father, Spain and the Civil War, Mother: Puerto Rico. They met and married in New York City. Although originally a New York painter having studied with cubist Stefano Cusumano & Abstract Expressionist Bob Natkin, I also studied poetry for a year with the actor, Edmund Lyndeck. I married, moved to Los Angeles finished my degree at Cal State Univ. Northridge. During this time, I published a chap book, became an AP High School English teacher for the LAUSD school system in Los Angeles. Now retired, I won a poetry award in 2018 with Writer’s Digest and was published this year in Into The Void. My poetry was also published earlier in my career and won a golden quill award for poetry at that time. I have just started studying privately with the poet, Roger Weingarten."

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