Volume Three, Issue 4

Fun House

Alina Dasgupta

Selfishly knowing you don’t like the dark
But for me you apprehensively agree
“Two tickets please”
We take a step together into
(What we thought was)
An innocent evening
Of childish rides and sugar highs
Our figures stared back at us
Ruminating in dualities
We held hands
The reflection of your fingers shriveling
Falling off one by one
All I could see is a facade
You pulled me closer
My attention should’ve been drawn back
To the shadow looming behind
An overlay mimicking motions
Or so I thought because how--
How did I read your lips
Believe your eyes
I swear I heard our laughs
As we move through different mirrors
This veiled version of you begins to reach out
Absorbing familiarity
Choking memories while I choke my tears back
Each manifestation turning into aspersions
Aspirations of affectionate eye rolls and inside jokes
Lay back in the entrance of this fun house
Where I felt safe as you led
Reaching the exit hoping to recognize
When, where, how, why we began
Trying to pull you through
You tell me not to wait up and go on the next ride

Alina Dasgupta: "I'm a late-to-the-game female Indian-American poet [read: was too scared to submit anything prior to my 30s]. Born and raised in New Jersey, currently residing in New York City for the past 8 years. During my downtime, other than writing, I enjoy still pretending I can dance, reading, having heated discussions with friends and indulging in great food and wine."

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