Volume Three, Issue 3

Sentinel Cloth

Maryam Gowralli

Everyday she tucks the edges of her floss hair,
when all I see is the world burning
a duck, duck, goose of ‘who shall we bomb today?’
zombie refugees flooding the gates
the TV screeching some bad news
and they come for us inside of me:
nationalists? terrorists? whites? drone strikes?
capitalists? salafi-wahabist’s? journalists? saudis?

Everyday when I dance with the waves
and my hair billows; my non-Arabness,
my Canadianness, and my Muslimness
plant themselves firmly like the roots on my scalp
as they grapple and jeer for a seat at the table.

But a firm shrine, my mother remains
bedecked in sentinel cloth
a priori analytical truth of
“God is god.”

Maryam Gowralli: "I am a recently graduated student at the University of Calgary, and have completed a BA in English with Distinction. Previously, I was a Promotional Editor and Social Media Manager for The Quill Magazine and NōD Magazine. As a Canadian and 'International Citizen of the World,' I draw inspiration from my diasporic Trinidadian-Indian and Indonesian heritage. I plan to continue my interests in creative and technical writing, while possibly pursing an MA in English Literature."

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