Volume Three, Issue 3


Kavana Non Nomen

Sadness and I are well acquainted
My niche that I never seeked
forced together at an early age
we became one in that pod of two
So much familiarity
and contempt
simmering under the foundation
of too many memories

In my limited experience
the past cannot be put to bed
at least not until it has been read
and light can find its way
through empty rooms
walls made of melancholy
carpets hiding icebergs of secrets
Frosts of sadness can’t help but escape
Filling this forgotten place

If I am to speak truth to blood
This is the elephant in the room
that threatens that shaky bliss
which exist
due to this long exercise in ignorance
Was allowed to twist it’s way
into this place we choose to forget
Pretend to forget
I observe their belief
that elephant could find a way out
they forget the labyrinth of pain created
fogs up the memory
even for the elephant that never forgets

I remember being led here
not knowing my destination
I can’t say I am surprised
Now knowing the blind were leading the blind
In this forgotten place
I breath in sadness
It fills the air
No light
No warmth
I pried open my eyes

I was scared
In the dark
Why was I brought here?
Was I being punished?
Why was there an elephant here?

I am still fighting
Trying to find my way
Of this forgotten place
The fog
Trapped in this space
No longer the guest
Sadness and I entwined
It seems

Kavana Non Nomen: "I am a black, pansexual living entity whose pronouns are she and her."

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