Volume One, Issue 4

The infinite mass

Stephani Maari Booker

When your life span
was a single digit
Weights rolled over and
tried to press you
into the ground.

With your short age
you came up with
short means to withstand
the crushing load.

So your age grew long
bigger than the burden,
while your means stayed short
adding infinite mass to it.

Now you try to breathe
under the bulk
placed upon you
and the tonnage
you piled on yourself.

Only now do you
feel the gravity
of knowing that
what grew you up
may crush you out.

Stephani Maari Booker: "I write prose and poetry for the page and for performance in which I wrestle with my multiple marginalized identities: African American, lesbian, lower-class, nerdy and sexy. My poetry has been published most recently in Serendipity (Issue 1), Lavender Review (Issue 15), and Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women (Issue 04). I also have nonfiction, science fiction and erotic fiction in many other publications. For more information about my work, go to www.goodreads.com/athenapm."

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