Volume One, Issue 4

Tongue of the Commoner

Prem Sylvester

The sanctimonious guardians of language
shriek in revulsion
as their sacred temples are set ablaze
by the newly fiery tongues
emerging from the underbellies
of ghettoized dialects
disenfranchised under the guise of sanctity

The ground shifts
c r a c k s
under their feet,
the roofs of their drying mouths
coated with bile, fearful
that their holy texts
would be rewritten in the language
of the people they hissed at,
hoping to immortalize their tyranny
over language.

The haughty fools scramble
to proclaim the wisdom
of semantic and syntactic purity
from their graffitied pulpits,
failing to realize that their words
would soon be relegated
to the annals of history
where they will be looked upon
perhaps, more kindly,
forgiven for their violence.

But now,
it is the guardians
who shall eulogize themselves
in the tongue of the commoner.

Fuck you, elitist scum.

Prem Sylvester: "I am in my final year of Information Technology at the College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai, India. My writing evolved from a hobby to a passion, and I am now an aspiring journalist who writes across blogs, magazines, and reputed news outlets."

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