Volume One, Issue 4

Matthew Rosenbeck


Matthew Rosenbeck is a multimedia artist who has lived and worked in New Orleans since 1995. His works spans from live music performance to abstract painting and sculpture. Matthew recently finished up a coveted 6 month visual arts residency at the internationally recognized Joan Mitchell Center and is currently preparing for his first solo show.

His latest series heavily explored nature and spirituality in a modern context with assemblage like wooden idols and cemented forms that blended old work folklore with contemporary ideology. His new series is an exploration into the graphic world, with stenciled images and printed materials focusing on race, politics and religion the three things he was told never to work on if he wanted to be successful in the art world.

Matthews’ work has been featured in the Prospect 2 Invisible Man Exhibit as well as Ashe Cultural Arts Center and several local Black Futurist Events.

Although visual arts have been more of a focus lately, music production still happens. From stage management at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival's Cultural Exchange stage, to producing independent events with World Swirl Productions, Matthew has been continually working behind the scene.

Live music has also been a serious passion, the "Gas Tank Orchestra" and "The Honorable South" probably being the most known projects. Matthew is currently working on a studio collaboration and in the very early stages of putting together a new live band. Photo by Cecelia Fernandes.

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matthewrosenbeck3 AT gmail DOTcom
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