Volume One, Issue 4

Divya Chhotani

The Kaleidoscope

The angry shards of crimson, roaring through the tube
Running through the fields of gentle greens and sprinkled
With shapes of childhood, that shaped our innocence
Listening to the bird’s melody,
It sparks a rebellion of words and differences
The blend of colors reflecting the internal battle of the universe

Sitting on a boulder,
Looking at the navy seas that Poseidon bred
The mix of baby blues taking over emotions of my mind,
Sparks of electric yellow spiraling down like the suns rays
Elegantly draped in the sunflowers blooming inside of me

And don’t forget the browns, full of spirit and different!
Over the snowy capped mountains of the Himalayas
Mingling with cheerful red roses and blending with the eclectic crimson
To set the world ablaze in fire and fury, with the only true emotion
Anger at the world and how they treat humans and all kind…

Digested in one big world of different shapes. obese, thin,
Jumping over stereotypes like skipping over taxes
Only to realize that everything defines you in one big world
And you are just one person

It’s a magical little tube,
The shapes and colors blending like a salad
Those things we used to play with as kids,
Well, when I open my eyes that god gifted me.
I see a kaleidoscope of the world in front of me

Killing Me Softly

I remember real closely
I thought that popping pills into your mouth was a fun activity that all people do
An activity that refreshes your every body system
A sacrifice for a good time

I later realized it wasn't candy
It was some radioactive substance to stay away from
It was a drug that consumed humans
I saw mother and father taking them every quarter of the game of life

I remembered mother looking at the stain glass windows in the ol' church North
Staring at the vibrant images of gods passed and present
"he exists in your heart, he comes to those who help themselves"
The symphony of philosophy and other Ramayan quotes taking over me

I sat one night on the roof, drinking cream soda and sitting on the thinking rock
I remembered that girl who used to dye her hair every month in Kindergarten
I never made fun of her like the other kids
I later found out she had a rare form of Cancer: RIP

I remember the boy who laughed so much that I thought I would marry him
His laugh made me laugh, I would steal his horse and ride away (indian weddings)
Later, I noticed changes in our conversations and our parents whispering frantically
Mother took me and sat me on the stairs, "I am sorry.. he passed away in his sleep"

I sat on the rock and thought of my 1 grade teacher
She accused me of stealing stuffed toys from her room
The previous day I found out I was moving
..I guess I was trying to find a trophy, but I was to scared to spill my emotions to humans

I was at a sleepover the other night with a couple of school friends
we talked about grades and household drama, my emotions spit out
Nobody noticed how deep I was going till I hit rock bottom
I lied and said I had allergies, but I was hiding my tears

I remember the friend I left back home
Our parents fighting over stupid things and I finally learned about how people stereotype others
I don't take stereotypes to heart, the same I don't approve
I want to respect each religion like it is worth something

That girl who moved in next door
who trampled me over, who poured fruit punch down my back
with every droplet going down my sweaty CVMS gym shirt
I realized I spared another friends shirt and pride on the line

That other girl who had religion problems
Who converted me to a religion I couldn't accept as my own
A false prophecy that never was meant to be
I walked away, I can't take it

I am a little stressball that people squeeze to end their pain
I get thrown like many others, I patiently listen to peoples rants at 2 a.m
I put up with people saying "bruh Shut up"
I put up with people crowding my already broken body

Divya Chhotani: "I am a new poet."

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