Volume One, Issue 4

Brandon S. Roy

The Key Hurts

There is no escape. After twenty-eight hours,
I still see shadows of crabs in the living room.
If there is one thing I know, this may just be the

idea that we will come and ask us to buy these
dormant white plant materials in the fall, covered
with brown skin and loving plants and taking care

of them. For me, this is a miracle, they are in this
cover to the speed of cooperation with us, give us
a sudden, stunning spring blooming beauty. Although

the winter area to restore the earth, but these colorless
transparent ideas are booming. This is the prediction of
of the door we walk through.

Waiting for Questions

Abaris opened the sleeping man's skies.
The sky blue is too blue.
We promise Latino kinky love:

The lampiƱo manco tuerto who
smells good still gets regular
loving looks.

My arms draw your neck with a kiss.
I saw the light pole.
We are holding hands -
Latin is now our embrace.
And love - this bright little love -
It is never hopeless again.

Hard Times

I have dreamed that it is all bad.

Hello. Morning:
You will be angry with me.

We do not know how much time has passed.

Or how to talk with someone.


In the case of

You bring out the worm.

I said goodbye to two good arms.

I should not have returned to Philadelphia in battle.

I have to be a real movie in Dracula.


In the case of

The first few months are less than a few days apart from eating.

Possession and marriage are interchangeable.

I have a responsibility to think that this is her fault.

We are still here to have a picnic, we really do not like eating.


In the case of

The brain and the screaming are limits.

I am glad to be able to contact you.

The camera now has 5 pictures.

This is not related to limbs.


In the case of

You do not have a chance to change your TV right now.

The rotten smell of this little room is our legitimate child.

On the day of fulfillment, exciting finish, accurate rent.

This fool followed me.

Brandon S. Roy: "I have been published extensively over the years. I don't really like talking about myself."

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