Volume One, Issue 3

With Tie-Dye by Shirosky

Garser Dismuke

The night turns to a Tangela of colors as the car mumbles and pushes along

“Too many nights, sleepless to figure out”

The road turns to cotton candy, soft, I’m in the passenger seat

“I’m off the ground, can’t make a sound, please pull me down”

The cool breeze slips through the window. Skin filled with goose bumps

“Colors spread out like Tie-Dye”

No direction or path, my soul guides me to something, something tasteful

“I know it will fade one day, maybe can’t go all the way”

Things I can touch, things I can feel, smell, hear, Tie-Dye my heart

“Don’t care now, I’m going now but how”

Tell me why I can feel so good and so light when the stars are out and the birds are down

“Woo, don’t care now, Woo, tell me now”

This path seems endless. My body glows a rainbow. A hollowed-out body with the sensational feeling of cold metal

Emotion and Thoughts manifest on a physical spectrum guiding me from the car

The car deteriorates in an instant leaving behind a mushy puddle of color.

“Colors spread out like Tie-Dye”

Emotion’s hands soft like a rabbit’s fur. Thought’s hand coarse like the ground.

We walk the neon path to a destination that is not of this world.

“maybe can't go all the way”

My soul is not prepared for the journey that lies ahead. We come to a screeching halt as my body loses its vivid coloration and I bleed back into reality.

“I know it will fade one day”

I come back into reality to stop just in time to stop at a red light.

“Too many nights sleepless to figure out”

I am just a man. A man in a world that is yet to become one. A world where I need to find myself.

I make it home before the sky loses its jazz. The Night Parade ends, so I sleep

Garser Dismuke: "My work has recently been published in the latest volume of Ricochet Review. I was a creative writing major at Columbia College Chicago but decided to transfer to Olive Harvey to pursue a degree in Psychology. I upload poems to Blerdsonline.com every so often and I have self published one poetry book to Amazon Kindle in 2015 called Love Confessions."

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