Volume One, Issue 2

The Suburban Stop

Jemshed Khan

When sirens wail
I close my eyes:
I stop.
I touch my cross—
GET OUTTA the car
when the cop screams Fu**in' do it now.
I am one Taser strike from pissing myself,
one chokehold from gone—
buck and wing as best I can.
His baton wrecks my temple,
knocks me sideways:
Jackboots nudge up
against my ribs.
I pray.
My wrists are crisscrossed
behind my back—
I close my eyes:
I wait.


Jemshed Khan has published poems in Number One Magazine, Wittenberg Review of Literature and Arts, Pharaohs, Unlikely Stories (#BlackArtMatters September, 2016), Read Local (2016), Rigorous (Jan 2017), Rat's Ass Review (Mar 2017) and the chapbooks Paean for Billy Collins (Calliope Club Press, 2017) and NanoText (Medusa's Laugh Press, February 2017).

The author is slated for shufPoetry, Clockwise Cat, Issue 36 (2017) and I-70 Review (September 2017).

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