Volume Four, Issue 2


Tina Meeks

I picture you vividly
From this moment on, you are a have been
My body's thankfully forgotten you
A journey of agony
How ever were you invigorating,
I don't remember
You were a photographer
with all the equipment
I thought you were so impressive
Now I see that you're
just an amateur that screwed with my perception
because of their own aperture
I do not miss you
You're more of a head ache, not a heart ache
and not because of fallen apart love
but the absence of that light
when obsessing over making everything
picture perfect
You should always prepare to finish
with cracked heals after a journey through the negatives
Only you came out with no development
You were not ready for love,
you were looking for a backbone

Tina Meeks: "I am a writer, event coordinator, and filmmaker, native to the California Bay Area.

“After studying Communications and Documentary Productions, I got involved with a random variety of projects to keep busy.

“In 2018, I self-published my first book, Adolescence, and plan to keep sharing.

“When I’m not writing, I spend my time feeling hyper aware of living as a ’good' human, and what that could mean. Otherwise, juggling, experimental cocktail making, and getting involved with film projects peak interest and strike my fancies."

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