Volume Four, Issue 2

The Artist

Pietra Dunmore

Women, as he sees it
are a combination of curves, shadows, and tones.
Yet there has not been one with the right blend of the three to fulfill his needs.
Walking among the curves and shadows
he’s on the lookout for one feminine spirit
that could ground him mentally and physically.
He dips into numerous females for experience and inspiration
admiring the tones, textures, and curves,
splattering paint on their canvas,
verbalizing over a beat, and exhaling clouds.
All the while longing for the one female who could be so boss
she’d steal the lyrics from his breath
each and every time making him visualize beyond lines and curves.
She’d make him dream in merging colors
twisting and competing for their own identity
all the while blending their hues to create one great picture.

Pietra Dunmore: "I am a New Jersey native who writes short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry. My writing has appeared in Hippocampus Magazine, The Journal of New Jersey Poets, For Harriet, Phati’tude Literary Magazine, Human Parts, and Let’s Mend."

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