Volume Four, Issue 2

Ardra ks

The brick wall

It always seemed old
even when I noticed for the first time.
Old and strong as a teak wood.
One day on top it
my father paved glossy marbles
which he brought from the other land.
It shined in the sunlight.
He sat on an armchair
stretching his weighed feet over it.
Spiders and other unknown insects
with their generations of legacy
buried under it.
I sat on its smooth surface
listening to the unknown sounds
writing about the dispossessed
who walked bare footed
as orphaned citizens.

Gossiping About Men

It is good to be men
I mean interesting!

In this hot summer days of lock down
gossiping about men
is really interesting.

They walk the corridor
fondling those wild hairs in the chest.
Without worrying about women
who may peep around.
No matter where they fall,
mothers don’t blame them for
poisoning lunch with curls.

When it is cold or bored
the only cloth over them
which is a dhoti* leaves to the feet.
When a mosquito punctures,
immediately they fold back to the knees,
and dawns to itch those hairy legs,
then to the libidinous pleasure.

By the evening these doldrums
runs to the backyard to play cricket.
Even when the world is locked down,
men networks of blah! Does well.
No police can catch up these men mafias.

By the end,
its all about hot summer of tropic.
They want an overlong bath in the pond.
The cricket gang gather to bang over there.
The real chatterboxes,
after hours of great bath,
walk back home under the moonlit.
Wow !

It is good to be men.
I mean it is interesting.

There are some men who are luckier than this
they get baldhead at some age.
They can even kill their boredom
caressing their head for the time being.

In this hot summer days of lock down
gossiping about men
is really interesting.

* dhoti- Indian clothes worn by men

Ardra ks: "I am a literature enthusiast and newbie writer. I am a journalism student at Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, Kerala, India. I have published short stories in many magazines including Mathrubhumi Weekly, a prominent magazine in Malayalam. I have also done translations. I got an opportunity to work with Sahitya Academi in making the Original Encyclopedia of Indian Literature. I try to break the conventions and cultural barriers of womanhood through my poetry. Try to bring out anathemas to my poem."

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