Volume Four, Issue 1

A History

Megan Elizabeth Bonilla

I was born in the place where the sun scorches the earth
Raised in the place where the wind cuts the sky
Broken in the place where memory begets forgetfulness
Remade in the place where the water heals

Some days angrier
Than a rumbling volcano
The fissures in the earth
Releasing steam from past rage

Some days calmer
Than a tranquil sea
The edge of my waters
Indistinguishable from the horizon

In the rivers I melt
No longer bound to my human form
I remember who I was
Before birth
Who I will be
Long after the body has faded

Dust to dust
Spirit to sky
Soul to the unending

And each spring
A return to the waters
That healed me in life
A rebirth
A remembrance
A reimagining

Megan Elizabeth Bonilla: "I am a 27-year-old Salvadoran American from Fairfield, California. I am a mother to my daughter, Aurora SofĂ­a."

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