Volume Four, Issue 1

Loss, the Feeling, through Non Sequitur

Julie Situ

Television static—
grayscale pixels dancing to a scream

             A jar of spaghetti sauce shattering on the kitchen floor

                                                                              That sore throat before the cold starts
                                                                              and of course, the cold

Waiting for a train that never comes

                                       Being punched in the gut before a presentation

Chapped lips and no chapstick
                                                                                                        Hunger during a stomach flu

                          A whiff of forgotten leftovers from the back of the fridge

Chronic throat clearing in vain
No matter how hard I aHhemmmmmmmmm

             Scrubbing at that one stain that just won’t come out

                                                    My reflection saying I could’ve done better.
                                                    Do better.
                                                    Do it.

                                                                                           A banana too ripe for baking bread

Julie Situ: "I am a recent graduate of Rutgers University, with a B.A. in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Two of my poems, "Oversharing" and "Loss, the Feeling, through Non Sequitur" won the Rutgers Writer's House winter showcase in the 2019 Fall semester.

"When I am not writing poetry, you can find me hula hooping or volunteering at the local library. My goal as a writer is to encourage others to read and tell their own stories; I believe the world can change if everybody took the time to learn about other people and realize that we are all the same inside."

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