Volume Four, Issue 1

the lesson, and the Spider.

Jacob Sebastian Montalvo-Santiago

When I saw a spider crawling along my desk
and went to swat it, as I usually would, I in-
stead thought of Dina; At the window near
the same desk she had once seen a spider and
presented her hand allowing it to crawl along
her palm with its spindly legs before setting it
free from the window. With this spider, which
now crept across my desk, I took a piece of
tissue paper and wrapped it into a wad which
I then let rest in the small flower pot on the
ledge of my window.

            In the morning and through the blinds
            I could still see its legs peeking from the
            folds of the paper. Maybe I had clasped
            it too hard the night before and there it lay,
            a husk among the lifeless stems, black
            from neglect. Or, maybe it had just made
            a new home in the small tuft of paper and
            refused to move.

                        I considered prying apart the wad,
                        and, as these thoughts spun a web
                        about my mind, the wind began to
                        pick up.

                        It was only a matter of time before
                        the wad with the spider was gone.

Jacob Sebastian Montalvo-Santiago: "Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, I grew up just outside of Detroit. I attained my English Degree from Central Michigan University where I was the president of the student organization, The Poet's Collective. The focus of my English degree was creative writing with a concentration in poetry. Lastly, I've recently moved to Prague where I teach English. I've been published in The Emerson Review, The Central Review, and CM Life."

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