Volume Four, Issue 1


Ami J. Sanghvi

I struggle to know
When it is acceptable
For me
To center my being
With a bindi I “own,”
A bindi other Desis say is theirs,
Jewelry on loan,

This emblem of the only culture
I’ve ever truly known,
Yet of a place I can never justly call home

Simply because my father dared
To buy a one-way ticket to Something,
And board an airplane with nothing
But emotionally broken bones,

So many decades back,
Some long time ago,
In those days when leaving
Without return
Was surrendering your right
To call your own country

Ami J. Sanghvi: "I am a 25-year-old, female, Indian-American, Hindu-Jain, queer author, photographer, activist, and mixed martial artist. I've published four poetry/poetic-prose books (Amaranthine, Devolution, Armageddon, and Silk & Cigars) at this time, and am currently pursuing my M.F.A. in Creative Writing."

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