Volume Four, Issue 1

In My Room

Alain Jules Hirwa

these are the boys who came in the town using my name
there they are
in the mouths of men
addressing them as examples to their sons
there they are
in churches, tumbling down to their knees, praying for the world
in bars, drinking bottles in halves and saying that’s how they manage themselves

and here I am
in my room
drinking more than what can be contained in me
God on his knees praying for me

you should see me lonely
I look nothing like the boys
I look everything like me

Alain Jules Hirwa: "I live and write in Kigali, Rwanda. My poems are upcoming or appeared in Jalada Africa, the Kilimanjaro Voices of the University of Benin, and Bending Genres Journal. My short story was published in Welter at the University of Baltimore."

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