Volume Three, Issue 2

Sacha Bissonnette

Maybe I’ve started to believe
a little less in ghosts
or grandma’s wives tales
we used to ingest for dessert

if Santa was around
was he a fattened
drunk cheater?

please for god’s sake
lie to me

Maybe the tooth-fairy
was just broke
or lonely
at the end of some bar
in Missouri
Or Delaware

Maybe Mom
we could have just
burned my teeth
in the backyard
with Roscoe
who just ran away
that Friday night
at least the warmth of the fire would have been nice

Pan's Watch

For a few moment more
Beg the clocks to stop
Better yet
To rest
To lay still their hands
Over the other
In humble observation

Grocery Store

I don’t think you would remember but
on our second date I bought that really shitty wine from here
the one you made me return opened
sometimes you would get off early and help me poke all the avocados to see which ones were ready
do you remember that

right by the cash had those little candies
the ones you would hide in your clavicle
and let me eat off your body
once they rolled out
right before I ate you

they even had those smokes you liked
the ones you hid from me on Tuesdays
like the pregnancy tests
from aisle 8 I think
they didn’t sell any magic tricks
I asked

I asked the manager
why all the tissues were sold out
and why she hid from me now
when she saw me in aisle 3
leaning next to the toothbrushes
just trying to breathe again

How To Preserve a Dead Butterfly

I know you find me pretty
I think most men just do
but prettiness doesn’t last forever
that much you knew

so maybe you could trap me
that may just do
with a box
or a jar
and just a little bit of glue

you pressed on my thorax
slid the knife through
I fell limp in your hand
the way young girls might do

you pinned me to foam
as if that would just do
applied antiseptic
like you don’t rot too

hung up on the wall
watching my colours run through
just remember one thing
I was never pretty for you

Sacha Bissonnette: "I was born and raised in Ottawa to a Trinidadian mother and a French Canadian father. I completed a BA (Hons) degree in political science at Carleton University in 2014. I am currently spending my free time travelling and exploring creative writing projects."

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