Volume Three, Issue 2

Ad Hoc

R. S. Jansen

I watched a gorilla kill tonight.
The shadows are cold
Between these cliffs.
The shadows are mute to
The Chinese woman screaming
Pleas of desperation; reeking terror.
Reeking of all things seen at the corner of death.

How she fought the tide.
Saline sobs mingled in river rapids.
She did not fall.
How her yellow shirt soaked to the chest
Moulded her figure—
All things are bare in the end.

I watched a gorilla kill tonight.
I watched a pitch hand
Ascend through the foam;
Monstrosity of furry arms and
Fat fingers homicidal in its strangle.
It plummeted her under,
She gurgled silent.

I watched from an arid rock.
Sickened at heart. Ghastly.
My footage is done,
Camera lens shut,
Time to retreat.
Tonight viewers shall watch
Horrified opposite a safe screen.
Before nonchalantly eating their carrots and peas.

R. S. Jansen: "I am a mixed-race, South African-born LGBTQ writer, born in December 1989 at the cusp of the new decade. I have a keen interest in the human psyche and my writing involves subjects that tackle the psychological motivations of people and sexuality. I am an advocate for freedom of expression and breaking the chains of social injustice. I strive to present my work in a way that is relatable for people going through similar situations within the subject matter, or in a way which could invoke feelings that allow readers to sympathise with the subject matter."

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